Welcome to the primary Gulden p2pool nodes at 0x0a (0.5% fee)! This node is running Gulden v2.1.0.1.
If you haven't used p2pool before, check out https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/P2Pool and the 0x0a FAQ - it's a little 'different' than most pools.
In short, there is no registration; you can mine straight to your address by supplying it as a username, and you'll receive payout the second a block is found on p2pool.
You can set a difficulty by appending +X to the username (wallet address), where X is <diff>/65536. E.g. a diff of 8192 would require the suffix +0.125.
Example (vardiff): minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://node1.guldenpool.nl:27100 -u GLbZYveooMkAMhQHbWGdGKA4p9kdwYMMCe -p X
Example (diff 1024): minerd -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://node1.guldenpool.nl:27100 -u GLbZYveooMkAMhQHbWGdGKA4p9kdwYMMCe+0.015625 -p X
Generate your settings: Address Difficulty
Note: the pool is finally ready for your monster-miners. Use the generator above to get the right username with diff setting. Diffs can be set from 64 to 1048576
Please set node2.guldenpool.nl:27100 as a fallback pool for seamless failover.
Please keep an eye on your miners and let me know if anything is wrong!

A hashrate of kH/s should result in an average of one share every

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Expected time to share
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total ( orphaned, dead) Efficiency:
Payout if a block were found NOW
Pool rate
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Share difficulty
Node uptime
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P2Pool version:
p2pool by forrestv https://github.com/forrestv/p2pool
loads of p2pool-alt by rav3n_pl https://github.com/Rav3nPL/p2pool-rav
p2pool-gulden by Spekske https://github.com/Spekske/p2pool-rav
Interface by hardcpp https://github.com/hardcpp/P2PoolExtendedFrontEnd
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